“Ticket to Play” Information


*New “Ticket to Play” procedure for 2020/21 Sports Seasons.
No student athlete can try-out for a sport until the Athletic Department clears the student athlete. The Athletic Director will inform the Head Coach when the student athlete is cleared.

1. Download Athletic Participation Packet from the web site.​ This has a physical form and instructions for Register My Athlete for registering your student athlete.
2. Make an account @ <a href=”http://www.registermyathlete.com/schools” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Register My Athlete Login</a>
3. Complete a new registration at RegisterMyAthlete.com each year and for each sport that the student athlete is trying out for.
4. Fill out front of physical form and bring to any doctor for a physical.
•Parent/Guardian and Doctor must complete, sign and STAMP the back of the physical form.
5. Scan and Upload Completed Physical Form to Register My Athlete.
6. Athletic Director will verify the date and signature on physical.
7. All steps completed in Register My Athlete, the Athletic Director will inform the Head Coach on the athlete’s clearance.
6. Check the Athletic website or the Register My Athlete Announcement page to find out when first day of try-outs are.